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May 29, 2010

What are the most popular types of pos displays? I think it is cardboard displays

    When it came time to promote your products at the exhibition, the right kinds of display stands can make or break the event. There are a number of different types of display stands are available for purchase, which can improve the appearance of a booth, and each has its own set of properties that they can more or less adapted to your special display stands. available when selecting a type of display stand for your trade show display, it is important to bear in mind what kind of support for the display surface will be used so much space, and what needs to be displayed.

     One of the most popular types of display stands is used to measure the impact of the countertop displays. These display stands are typically designed as a tri-fold display and are proportioned to be able to stand on the top of the typical display table. Some of the smaller species of the display stands there, but they can be in various sizes from small to large find. Here are some of the best types of exhibition stands, because they are usually of cheap materials that are completely covered with colored paper or fabric can be created.

     Another popular type of display stands is banner stand. These display shows one of the highest forms of expression are available, but not very wide. Banner display will be purchased in pairs, usually on both sides of the cabin and instead display the company name or product name that people would be interested in a fair number of companies that screen type, because they attract attention and are high enough to see over other types of displays.

     If a person is looking for a larger display stand that is easy to set up, they may be interested in the cardboard displays or corrugated displays. The Cardboard display rack inexpensive price makes it the cheap solution for promotions and distributions for your latest features. By 4 – color offset print, these Promotional Display stands and POS paper displays achieves a colorful and whimsical image. Printed your brand, company name together with products, Put this cardboard floor display on supermarkets, stores, tradeshows, can build and enhance the image of your company. And this cardboard floor display is the best tool for promotion.

 Cardboard displays and Corrugated displays’ Advantage:
1)100% recyckable,Envioronment,friendly.
2)Very good design for surporting weight of products.
3)Easy to carry and store.
4)Excellent advertisement for new products and Excellent salesperson for promotion.
5)Build and enhance the image of the company.
6)Saving cost in repeat packing.

     There are several different styles of displays available for use in the cockpits for exhibitions and many styles can be combined to create a unique configuration for the exhibition. It is very important that the person that will be ordering the display stand have an idea of how they would like their items displayed before calling to order the display stand to make sure that they are ordering the right display stand for their needs. After a large booth to promote your company or your products is an invaluable attention during a trade show and, and in many cases is what gives the company a competitive advantage over their rivals.


May 28, 2010

What is the meaning of point of purchase (POP)?

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    Have you ever walked into a local supermarket and was struck by the way of life in terms of racing in the possession of a box of beer. They were beaten, if you’ve seen for the first time, because you thought it was real and permanent fund. This is a very effective POP your attention to the driver, the beer he or she belongs. It is assumed that you see a beer and decide, you may need prior to departure. You bought something, or things in addition to what we wanted when we walked into the store.

     POS displays, as a rule, the two plastics, printing inks, to accept the conditions, such as paper, with the same visual result. You can use digital photos (like the riders are printed POP) or logos and other illustrations. The materials are called foam, and sometimes insulation panels and Coroplast. Both print and the difference in using them. Foam is designed for indoor use, while Coroplast is intended for outdoor use. It is treated to resist sun’s harmful rays, rain and wind. Coroplast is also used in several times. Below is a description of three materials:

  Basic foam or foam – Available in 3 / 16 “or 3 / 8″ thick with a smooth surface on both sides allows one or two-sided printing. This can be printed in sizes to 4 “x 8″ are standard and up 5 “x 10″ custom. It is a delicate issue, Coroplast, and usually on easels, or vertically with the way the riders the choice of the owner of the store. It is not waterproof on the outside should not be used and under the influence of atmospheric phenomena.

  Coroplast – Available in 4 mm thickness of material from white with two smooth sides on corrugated plastic flutes. It may also be one or two pages will be printed. It is desirable that the court real estate signs or symptoms of candidates. As the foam board up to 4 x 8 ’standard, and 5 “x 10″ custom. With proper care, they may be exposed to the elements for a long time.

  Cardboard- For the most part, a cardboard pop display is configured to be a stand-alone object. The cardboard used in the creation of the display is usually heavy paper that is capable of holding up well for extended periods of time. The actual design of the cardboard pop display will depend on the purpose for the display and how long the display is intended to remain in place.
  Printed your brand, company name together with products, Put this display on supermarkets, stores, tradeshows, can build and enhance the image of your company. And this display is the best tool for promotion.

    How Can POP Displays help my business?
    Specific application will depend on your business, but the runners in the store, became a target for your clients will be motivated to box when he or she originally intended to buy. Examples include the hall, the size of POP display a beautiful woman holding a container of the product in the hair salon, a pizza or a delicious bread image sold sticks and garlic butter, to encourage customers and charge for their pizza.

  POP displays are cost-effective ways to increase revenue and used properly, add a little class for each company.

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